What happens at: Young people’s meetings?

We have four activities for young people: Sunday school, Children’s meeting, Truth Seekers and the Bible Class.

Sunday School is held on Sunday at 2.30pm from September to June. It’s for children from the age of three up to mid-teens. The Sunday school is organised into groups based on age and the focus is on teaching children stories from the Bible.

Children’s Bible Time is held every Tuesday evening at 6.45pm from mid-September to mid-March. It’s geared to primary school children. There is singing, quizzes, learning Bible verses and listening to Bible stories.

Truth Seekers is held once a month on the third Friday at 7.00pm from September to June. It’s geared to secondary school ages and is about finding out what the Bible teaches about all kinds of things and learning what it means to be a Christian.

Bible Class is serious Bible study for young Christians. It’s held every Sunday at 4:00pm. If you come to the Bible Class you’ll even get homework to do!

We have a child protection policy in place and conform to government guidelines on childcare.  We welcome parents to come and stay with their children and can arrange transport for them to the Sunday school, Children’s meeting or Truth Seekers.

If you would like to send your children to any of our young people’s activities please print and complete the consent form below.